After the US government closed the legendary Silk Road, the world of shadow Internet was flooded with a huge number of different alternative sites. However, many of them are either phishing sites created specifically to steal personal data and money from users, or insignificant Internet resources that actually have no visitors, and as a result there are no necessary goods and services.

From time to time, such trading platforms as the Silk Road, Alphabay and others appeared on the shadow Internet, but they all did not live long until the situation changed radically with the advent of the shadow Internet (deep web) dream market. Unfortunately, the dream market worked for only a few years and was also closed by special services.

But a few years ago the situation improved significantly - a new platform entered the market, taking all the best from its predecessors - Versus MARKET.

more than 15,000 goods and services
giant selection of sellers and stores
the presence of goods that cannot be bought on the regular Internet


    • Medicines and chemicals
    • digital products
    • Fraud
    • Counterfeit goods
    • Jewelry and gold
    • Carding
    • Software and malware
    • Security and hosting
    • Others


• Child pornography
    • killings
    • Prostitution


Since the presented goods and services of the Versus market sometimes violate certain laws of different countries and states, for the safety of users and sellers, the trading platform was initially placed on the onion network.

There is an easy way to get into the deep web - download and install a special TOR browser, designed specifically to easily achieve anonymity on the network and avoid cases of revealing your identity.

TOR is a global Internet network that provides user anonymity. For many, it is known as onion routing.

You can connect to it using the TOR browser. The main advantage of the TOR is anonymity.

What kind of requests you make, what IP address you use, what files you download - no one will know.

In addition, you will be able to view sites that the provider usually blocks.

Moreover, you will be able to view onion sites and present sites with IP addresses from another geographical region that is not connected with you in any way. Just remember: using any browser other than TOR in the TOR network will not ensure your anonymity.

HOW TO GET TO Versus Market

Since the site is constantly exposed to various dos attacks, the owners, administrators and other interested users of the site regularly publish working mirrors of the Versus.

The most famous site with working mirrors is located at http://pvy64dowkgeczyhgfxuw7wlvrgnivfyi5y7bevpxabsgpn5hx7jckaad.onion however it often does not work. Therefore, we publish a list of current addresses here:


As it usually happens, the most common products on the darknet are drugs and chemicals, such as canabis, ecstasy, opioids, steroids, alcohol and others.

However, if you need game keys, software, malware, safe and completely anonymous VPN and hosting, then you have come to the right place, because in the Versus there are more than 5000 sellers with the digital products you need.

If you are interested in the question of how to learn how to make drugs at home or hack servers and sites, then the Versus provides more than 2,000 different training materials, instructions, manuals and manuals.

Or maybe you do not want to overpay for branded items and spend fortunes on jewelry? Or are you interested in the question of where to get fake money? There are more than 1000 sellers of the goods you need in the Versus!


A unique feature of the Versus is that it is not necessary to manually type the addresses presented above, just go to a single url address and you will automatically be transferred to MARKETPLACE to one of the official mirrors of the market, thereby protecting you from phishing sites. If you want to get to the site faster then click on one of the links below:


The first thing you will see when you get to Versus Market is a page for registration and authorization. If you are already registered, then it will not be difficult for you to log in and log in and you can skip and not read the rest of the text.

If you are not yet registered in the Versus, then this instruction is for you

Here is the registration form:

As you can see, there is nothing complicated. Of the required fields, you only need to come up with a username, password and a six-digit pin code. You are not required to indicate a mobile phone or email.

You do not need to also indicate from whom you received an invite or invitation, you can leave this field empty for greater security.

Accounts are activated almost instantly, after clicking on the “Join Versus Market” button, you won’t have to wait and if you come up with a unique username, the system will show you a recovery code that you will need to save somewhere in a safe place, you will need it in case restore access to your account if you forget the password.

This mnemonic code is your master key, enter it exactly as it is presented and you can log in using your credentials.


The main element of the site is its main menu

The Versus’s main menu contains all the navigation links to various sections of the market. Let's start sorting in order:

The Message button is used to send messages online to various users of the site, sellers and buyers.

Orders is a button to access your shopping cart where all information about your current orders and completed purchases is stored

You can’t tell about the button BECOME A SELLER, she speaks for herself

Balance is a button for checking the balance of all used currencies that are used on the site

Feedback - feedback button

Forum- link to the communication section

Support - a support service where you can contact administrators who are ready to help with difficulties

Now let's deal with the sidebar:

It contains basic information about your account: your status, registration date, balance, total number of sales and purchases.

And for convenience of use, a separate button also contains a link to the car shop and categories of goods and services.

Autoshop is a fully automated store, with the help of which, regardless of whether there is an online seller to shop around the clock.

It is similar to the site inside the site and is divided into 2 sections- credit cards and accounts.

This is what the CC sales section looks like.

As the name of the section suggests, here you can buy hacked, stolen or copied credit cards with a balance for fairly little money. This section allows you to check the quality of the staff before the purchase and ensures that after the purchase you will receive exactly the goods that you ordered.

The Accounts section is represented by accounts of various paid services, such as netflix, Amazon, paypal, pornhub and others

The central panel of the Versus Market contains referral links that you can share with friends and acquaintances, a list of recommended products, your secret phrase, the security panel, as well as a simple and convenient site search

Everything is made so simple and convenient that even a novice will understand the navigation and basic functions of the site in seconds!

However, the Versus MARKET website is so huge that without a well-designed search filter, you can spend considerable time searching for the right product or service. Therefore, we dwell in more detail on the search function. Since there are more than 20,000 different products in the marketplace, manually scrolling through them to find the right one is not for the faint of heart

This is how CC auto-shop looks like:

Here a search filter is used by the following parameters:

• Bin
    • City
    • State
    • Country
    • Fultz (yes / no)
    • Date of Birth
    • PLA
    • Year of birth
    • Price: Min-Max
    • Evaluation
    • Seller
    • Bank
    • Type (Visa / Master card / Maestro etc).
    • Credit / debit / payment card
    • And etc.

And here’s what the search filter for other products looks like:

Keyword field: here you enter keywords for what you are looking for.

    • Product Type: Switches allow you to choose from digital / physical / automotive products.
    • Category: indicate the category of your product.
    • Country of origin: choose where you want to get your product from.
    • Ships B: allows you to specify your country, so that only those products that can be sent there are displayed.
    • In stock: (not very useful, most users will not look for products that are not in stock).
    • Payment: allows you to select the “type" payment, as in Escrow, FE, Multisig.
    • Coin: indicate the payment currency in which you want to pay. Thus, it only shows suppliers accepting this currency in the results.
    • Level of trust in suppliers: set minimum and maximum levels of trust in suppliers.

Well, perhaps the last section on which to dwell in more detail is the security of the account and payment methods.

And if everything is simple with the payment method and on the Versus, in addition to bitcoins, you can use another cryptocurrency, such as lightcoin or monero, then you should dwell on the security of your account in more detail

Security of Your Emperia Marketplace Account

4 degrees of protection are currently supported:

Login Phrase

the login phrase is configured during registration, it is unique for each user, and if you see that the phrase is different from the one that was used during the initial registration, then you know, you are on the phishing site


PIN code is a 6-digit code set during registration on the marketplace website

Recovery code

he recovery code is similar to a bunch of code, it is used in the case when you forgot your password to enter


2-FA is one of the most advanced ways to protect your accounts; this is an additional level of security on top of your passwords. Instead of a phone number, GWP keys are used


In order to find a seller who can be trusted, user profiles are used on the Versus market, in which all information about his work in the market is recorded:

Total Disputes Against Orders.
    • General expenses.
    • The total number of goods sold.
    • Ratings
    • Reviews from other users.
    • Total Amount Paid
    • Amount on deposit account
    • Supplier Level
    • Level of trust etc. they are explicitly mentioned.

This will help you choose the most appropriate seller or service provider, just as sellers can distinguish reputable buyers from scammers and lovers of free money.

Watch the Versus market video review